TE (Peltier) Cooling PCR Thermocycler/ UV Table

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TE (Peltier) Cooling PCR Thermocycler

  • Sample plate well: 32 x 0.2ml(4 x 8).
  • Temperature range for the sample plate: 4ºC-100ºC with 0.1ºC resolution.
  • Temperature range for heat lid: 98ºC-105ºC
    Max temperature up rate: ≥3ºC/s
    Max temperature down rate: ≥2.8ºC/s.
  • Max temperature difference between wells: ±0.5ºC.
  • Temperature control resolution: ±0.1ºC.
  • User program: 110 (each program may contain up to 13 segmenats with 3-step cycle for each program).
  • Time extending function.
  • Temperature extending function.
  • Dimension: 280 x 230 x 180.

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