PCR Plate 96 Well and Sealing Film

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PCR Plate 96-Well, Half Skirt

10 plates / pack, t packs / cs

ExtraGene R plasticwae products are manufactured from prime virgin polypropylenes.  This result in tubes, strips and tips that exhibit a perfect balance between transparency, softness, robustness, antistatic characteristics and gas tightness.

.Manufactured from prime virgin polypropylene.

.Ultra- thin wall design for efficient heat transfer.

.Compatible with standard 96-well heat blocks, 8 X 12 configuration.

.One corner is cut away to facilitate orientation.

.Alphanumeric grid for better identification.

.Each well has a volume of 300ul.

.Non-sterile and autoclavable.

.DNase and RNase free.

Applications for AS320/TS320 :

.PCR-AS320: PCR, multi-well plates seal

.PCR-TS320: PCR, Real time PCR, ELISA and Cell culture

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