Cryo Vial-External Cap

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  • Materials:Polypropylene:applications in the pharmaceutical,medical Device,laboratory and diagnostics.
  • Cryo Vial is normally used for store biological samples at temperature as low as -190C.
  • The external cap has a molded – in sealing ring which assures a tight, leakproof seal.
  • Conical bottom with slotted skirt.
  • a large white marking area.
  • For us in vapor phase of liquid nitrogen.
  • DNase/RNase free,Pyrogen safe.
  • Re-closable ziplock pack for non-sterilze and pre-sterilized by gamma ray.


    Do not use Cryo Vial in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen unless they Are correctly sealed in Cryo Vials tubing. Improper use of Cryo Vials in liquid nitrogen may result in possible explosions or biohazard release due to the pressure build-up of liquid nitrogen captured within the vial. To ensure proper sealing and put vials in -80C several minutes before In liquid nitrogen.
    Work Station Rack for Cryo Vails

  • autoclavable.
  • Designed to accept vial with slotted skirts.
  • The vials become locked in position when put in the hole.
  • Easy to open/close with one hand.
  • 50well

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